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Cindy Visser has been a huge help to me for many years, and arguably has been the reason for much of the professional success in my life.   During my time in high school she helped me with various areas that looking back were essential for my career development.   read more here . . . 


Specifically, some of the things she helped me with include assisting with my resumes that were so important for my jobs.   I believe her skills in English and eye for neatness have helped me make my resume as polished as it is today and as a result, have gotten me many opportunities with employers. She has given me insight into promising scholarships which have aided me greatly during college, which she also helped me with I might add, as she was the one who informed me of the program I am currently taking.    Many of the volunteering opportunities that have been so rewarding and diversified my experience as well as my portfolio have also been because of her guidance.


Last but not least, what has been so important to me was her help in my career planning.  During my early years in high school I didn't really know what I wanted to do, I felt lost, but she helped me figure this out. Together we determined that I wanted to be in the RCMP and she has helped me with my career planning ever since, which in turn helped me set my aspirations all while learning what I needed to do to achieve those goals/aspirations. I even got the chance of a lifetime to go to the Depot in Regina where the RCMP train where I got first hand experience at what a police officer's job would be like which wouldn't have been possible without her help.


Even today, with me being out of high school for a number of years now, she continues to counsel/help me reach my goals.


Overall, I have had a great experience and I don't think I would be where I am today without her. 


I recommend Cindy Visser highly!

- Kaleb, Red Deer, Alberta

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