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Career Aptitude Assessments


Career Aptitude Assessments can be effective in helping you to develop a better understanding of yourself.  It is important to incorporate who you are -  your interests, strengths, and values, into identifying potential career paths that align with your intrinsic motivating factors.  As a Career Practitioner, I am skilled at identifying appropriate career assessments for my clients that will be most beneficial to them, and guiding them through an interpretation of the results.

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Career Planning


Whether you are a high school, college,  university, or someone who has worked several years in a field and are looking to re-train in a new career path, meeting with a reputable Career Advisor will help you to develop a plan that is a good fit for you. 


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Networking/Social Media Branding


Similar to ATS (Applicant Tracking System) programs that many companies are using to screen potential applicant resumes, there are now Social Media Tracking Systems that are very effective in finding anything that you or others have posted about you on the internet.  Ensuring that your social media presentation is professional and well aligned to your career objectives is paramount today.


Post-Secondary Financing and Student Loans


Post-secondary studies (certificates - one year programs, diplomas - two year programs, and degrees - typically four year programs) can put a dent in your pocket book.  Lack of funds should never deter anyone from pursuing further education. 

Scholarships & Bursaries

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Student Loans

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Post-Secondary Applications


Applying to post-secondary institutions can feel overwhelming.  Did you know that in order to apply to post-secondary institutions and programs within Alberta, you will begin by setting up an ApplyAlberta profile?  Out of province institutions will vary on their applications dates and deadlines.  I am knowledgeable about programs and their entrance requirements for institutions across Canada and Internationally.  I will ensure that you complete your applications properly and provide the correct documentation required.


Resume Development


Today's job market requires that you have a resume and cover letter that showcases your unique skills. 


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Scholarship/Bursary Searches and Completion of Applications


There are thousands of scholarships and bursaries, sponsored by companies, organization, and individuals, that go unclaimed each year because no one applies!

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