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Cindy Visser (CCDP)

  • Certified Career Development Professional Designation (CCDP)

  • Certified Career Strategist Designation (CCS)

  • Certified Résumé Strategist Designation (CRS)

  • Myers Briggs® Certified

  • Strong Interest Inventory® Certified

  • University of Calgary Certificate in Career and Academic Advising

  • Member of the Career Development Association of Alberta 

  • Member of Career Professionals of Canada

  • 2020 Career Professionals of Canada Award Nominee for Outstanding Résumé – Creative category

  • Regional Ambassador for Career Professionals of Canada

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I am passionate about guiding others in self-identifying where they are in their career journey and where they strive to be.  For many years, I have worked as a Career Advisor in a high school serving over 1700 students each year.   It quickly became apparent to me that there was a need for the specialized services that I provide to students to be offered to people of all ages across Canada.  Former students and parents would consistently contact me for help with resume development, assessments, career planning, applying to post-secondary institutions, finding scholarships and bursaries, completing student loan applications, and more.  I quickly realized that I could offer so much more and truly make a difference for others, wherever they are:   in the beginning stages of career planning, struggling with finding career satisfaction and direction, looking to retrain and begin a new career, requiring a current, dynamic, professional resume,  needing interview preparation and practice, or determining where they are in their career journey so that they can make decisions on how to move forward. 


I am the wife of an amazing husband who went back to school at the age of 40 after losing his position in the economic downturn of 2009.   Even though it was financially and emotionally stressful for our family, he chose to retrain in a new career area and is now working in his dream job wondering why he didn't do this years before.  Any further education, at any point in your life, will increase your earning potential throughout your lifetime!

I am the mother of three amazing boys who have all pursued different career paths.  Two are pursuing trades apprenticeship.  The third completed three years of a degree program and changed his mind to pursue a power engineering credential.  Sometimes it takes us longer to realize our potential, and to identify our true passions!  Just remember . . . it's NEVER too late!

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