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Scholarship and Bursaries

There are thousands of scholarships and bursaries, sponsored by companies, organization, and individuals, that go unclaimed each year simply because no one applies!  I have spent the past twelve years researching scholarships and bursaries, and have developed a vast knowledge of opportunities locally, provincially, nationally, and world wide for every type of student. 

Scholarships always have an academic requirement, with other criteria.  Often, as long as you have acquired the marks to be accepted into your program of choice, you will qualify for the academic component to applying for a scholarship.  Other criteria may include volunteerism, leadership, involvement in extra-curricular activity, and others.

Bursaries have a financial need requirement, with other criteria. 

I can assist you in developing a platform for the many scholarships and bursaries that you may qualify for, and work with you on completing solid applications. 

Through a questionnaire that I will have you complete, I will be able to identify numerous opportunities for you to apply for, that will assist you in financing post-secondary studies! 

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