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Outplacement Services and Support

Career transition services that offered to exiting employees will lead to better staff morale and loyalty for remaining employees within a company. 


This can lead to increased productivity,  loyalty, cohesiveness, and fostering a sense of respect and inclusion within your company moving forward.


I offer programs that are personalized for the unique needs of individuals, that begin with building positive, encouraging working relationships. 


Packages include career assessments (Myers Briggs, Strong Interest Inventory), market analysis and connections, developing personal brand through professional resume writing, and engaging clients with positive social media connections to get them moving forward as quickly as possible.  I offer flexible pricing models and packages for companies who require outplacement services to their employees.  

There are many stages that an exiting employee must go through in order to stop looking back, enabling them to move forward positively.  Losing a job can be 

devastating not only for the individual, but can have a tremendous affect on their families as well.  I strive to help individuals move through these processes by feeling them, them moving on with HOPE into an exciting new opportunity that aligns with their future goals.


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