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Career Aptitude Assessments

Assessments are effective in helping clients to self-identify career direction, through spending time getting to know and understanding your intrinsic motivators.

Questions that can be answered through choosing appropriate assessments include:

- Who am I?

- What do I like?

- What am I good at?

- How do I learn?

- How do I contribute?

Once I have a better understanding of your natural tendencies in these areas, I can more easily help you to identify career possibilities in which you will find happiness and satisfaction.  Choosing career paths that do not coincide with our values, interests, abilities, and personality, tend to cause stress in our lives. 


As a Career Advisor, I am skilled in recommending assessments appropriate to each client's needs, depending on where they are in their Career Exploration Process.  For example, I will recommend and administer different assessments with a grade 10 student than I would choose for an adult in mid-career.   

There are hundreds of free online assessments - but I am careful when recommending them as many are not proven to be valid and reliable.  Below, you will find links to free online assessments that can be helpful in allowing you to gain a better understanding of yourself.  It is really important when suggesting career assessments of any form, that we follow up with an appointment so that I can assist you in  understanding the results.    You may not agree with the results, and that is fine - results can be affected by your state of mind and outside influences at the time of completion.  Assessments are merely one tool to use in the career planning process.  I will help you find patterns and recurring themes in the assessments that you complete.


Please note that the Strong Interest Inventory, and Myers Briggs Assessments require level B qualification to administer.  There are several free online assessments that claim to be Strong Interest Inventory assessments, however they are not valid and reliable.  As a Level B Strong Interest Inventory and Myers Briggs Certified practitioner, I can facilitate these assessments with you through my personal Psychometrics account.

The Strong Interest Inventory is very valuable in identifying careers paths that would be a good fit.   For more information on this powerful assessment, visit  If you would like to complete a Strong Interest Inventory Assessment, please complete the contacts page on this website.  

Free Online Assessments (please note, that this list is only a small sampling)



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