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Explore Your Passions . Find Your Fit . Style Your Career
Navigate Your Career Purpose

Specialized services for:

  • high school students beginning the career planning process who may feel pressured and don't know where to begin

  • college or university students who need clarity on how their post-secondary programs transfer into the world of work

  • adults interested in retraining to pursue a different career path 

  • career transition and outplacement services for companies and corporations to help employees recover quickly and get back into the workforce in their field

  • grants, student loans, and post-secondary funding options

  • current information on post-secondary programs, institutions, and entrance requirements

  • entry level positions to become indentured to pursue trades apprenticeship

  • Designing ATS compliant, targeted resumes and cover letters for today’s job market  which maximize your strengths, qualifications and personal brand

  • social media platform development training to help you promote yourself in a positive light to potential employers -  LinkedIn,  Facebook,  Instagram, online portfolios

  • identifying volunteer opportunities which will enhance your skill set, develop transferable job skills, and maximize your potential when applying for scholarships and bursaries to fund education costs

Career Planning is a lifelong journey that continuously changes throughout our lifetime.  Where we begin in that journey, fresh out of high school, is not going to be where we finish, upon retirement.  There are so many changes that happen that can affect our career aspirations.  It is important to take into consideration many aspects when identifying where we are now - passions, strengths, values, interests.  Some of us choose our career based on passion alone, while others make choices based out of necessity - our present circumstances.   Contact me today so that together we can incorporate all aspects to find a perfect fit for you!  I can help you style your career and maximize your opportunities!

Success Stories

March 14, 2021

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